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One of the issues I hear about the most from my neighbors is the need to ensure truly affordable housing for our community. Every year, rising rents and predatory landlords are pushing people out of their homes. Housing is a human right.

  • Strengthen rent regulations that protect tenants from unfair & unreasonable rent increases.

  • Force developers to further increase permanent affordable units in new construction across the city.

  • Push our federally elected representative to change the way AMI (Area Median Income) is calculated, so that affordable truly means affordable for NYC.

  • Address the abhorrent conditions in NYCHA complexes across the city with a complete overhaul of the department that takes action on lead paint, crumbling infrastructure, & affordability. No more band-aids, we need real solutions.

  • Implement an ultra wealth tax and a pied-a-terre tax, which would help close the wealth gap in our city.