All children deserve a free, high quality public education. Public education has the power to cause a ripple effect that can create progress and prosperity across our district and our city. Transforming our schools must be a top priority.

  • Improve funding for our public education system via increased taxes for the super-rich and and the reinvestment of the NYPD’s budget into services that directly benefit students.

  • Provide all classrooms with access to the latest tech to enhance students’ learning experience.

  • Provide every school with the number of school counselors, nurses, mental health professionals and teachers that its students need to thrive.

  • Increase teacher pay and decrease class size.

  • Increase community involvement in public education through community events, after school programs, and local partnerships.



Please reach out with any questions, comments, or more information on how to help support our people powered campaign.

Paid for by the Committee to Elect Rita Joseph

Created by Raven Strategies

Checks should be made payable to the "Committee to Elect Rita Joseph" and mailed to 289 21st St, Apt 1R Brooklyn, NY 11215.

Campaign Finance Board limits individual contributions to $1,000.

We will not accept contributions from corporations, LLCs, law enforcement unions & organizations, real estate developers, or the fossil fuel industry.

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