The death of black Americans across the country has finally brought us to a moment of action. People across the country and here in NYC are crying out for reform. The next City Council will need to make reforming the NYPD a top priority.

  • Further reduce the NYPD’s operating budget by actively reforming the system, not just tucking them into other departmental budgets.

  • Reinvest funding from the NYPD budget into community and educational organizations aimed at ending the school-to-prison pipeline.

  • End qualified immunity for the NYPD to ensure justice is served when officers commit acts of violence.

  • End the racially discriminatory practice of broken windows policing, which often targets low-income, communities of color.

  • Invest more into decarceration programs that keep non-violent offenders out of prison.

  • Abolish metrics such as arrest quotas that encourage police to “make their stats” by arresting New Yorkers for victimless crimes.

  •  Push for city and statewide legalization of marijuana, advocating for the communities most disproportionately hurt by the War on Drugs to benefit the most from legalization.

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