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Rita Joseph will always stand up for our communities.

Council Member Rita Joseph is an educator, activist, and mother serving the residents of District 40 in Brooklyn.

Rita is a staunch advocate for public education, clean and safe streets, climate change, and more.


Chip in $25 for
the future of
District 40


Rita Joseph believes that no matter where you come from, every New Yorker deserves the opportunity to thrive - a high quality education, rent you can afford, a livable wage from a job that respects workers, clean water and air, & more.

On The Issues
Rita Joseph Logo
Paid for by Rita Joseph 2025

Checks should be made payable to the "Rita Joseph 2025" and mailed to 218 20th St, #2 Brooklyn, NY 11232.

Campaign Finance Board limits individual contributions to $1,050.

We will not accept contributions from corporations, LLCs, law enforcement unions & organizations, real estate developers, or the fossil fuel industry.

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