All children deserve a free, high quality public education. Public education has the ability to create a ripple effect that can create progress and prosperity across our district and our city. Transforming our schools must be a top priority.

  • Increase community involvement in public education through community events, after school programs, and other community partnerships.

  • Encourage teachers and students alike to better prepare themselves for an increasingly technological world. All classrooms should have access to the latest tech to enhance the learning experience and allow access to learning skills such as coding.

  • End our over-reliance on standardized testing and allow teachers to focus on preparing our students better for the world they'll face.

  • Attract some of the best minds in New York to become teachers through increased pay, benefits, and funding that directly impacts the classroom through reduced class sizes, improved buildings, supplies, and technology.

  • Invest less in safety officers and more in school counselors, nurses, and teachers.

  • End the overcrowding of our classrooms and allow teachers to provide more 1-on-1 attention to students.



One of the issues I hear about the most from my neighbors is the need to ensure truly affordable housing for our community. Every year, rising rents and predatory landlords are pushing people out of their homes. Housing is a human right.

  • Strengthen rent regulations that protect tenants from unfair & unreasonable rent increases.

  • Force developers to further increase permanent affordable units in new construction across the city.

  • Push our federally elected representative to change the way AMI is calculated, so that affordable truly means affordable for NYC.

  • Address the abhorrent conditions in NYCHA complexes across the city with a complete overhaul of the department that takes action on lead paint, crumbling infrastructure, & affordability. No more band-aids, we need real solutions.

  • Implement an ultra wealth tax and a pied-a-terre tax, which would help close the wealth gap in our city.

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The death of black Americans across the country has finally brought us to a moment of action. People across the country and here in NYC are crying out for reform. The next City Council will need to make reforming the NYPD a top priority.

  • Further reduce the NYPD’s operating budget by actively reforming the system, not just tucking them into other departmental budgets.

  • Reinvest funding from the NYPD budget into community and educational organizations aimed at ending the school-to-prison pipeline.

  • End qualified immunity for the NYPD to ensure we get justice when officers commit acts of violence.

  • End the racially discriminatory practice of broken windows policing, which often targets low-income, communities of color.

  • Invest more into decarceration programs that keep non-violent offenders out of prison.

  • Abolish metrics such as arrest quotas that encourage police to “make their stats” by arresting New Yorkers for victimless crimes.


small business

Our local economy is driven by the success of the small businesses in our neighborhoods. We should do more than just visit their shops during the holiday season. We need a plan that not only increases the chances of success for existing local businesses, but increases incentives to bring new businesses in.

  • Provide tax incentives for new businesses that want to relocate to lower income communities.

  • Increase funding for women and minority owned businesses to start & maintain their businesses.

  • Work with local Business Improvement Districts to build better marketing programs for small businesses.

  • Ensure that local businesses are not pushed out in favor of large chain stores and corporations not invested in building up our neighborhoods.

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